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Become a Member

Access to High-Quality, Personalized Care

Torrance Memorial IPA is a multi-specialty physician network that has been serving the South Bay community since 1983. When you’re a member, you’ll benefit from convenient access to high-quality and personalized care from over 500 primary care and specialty physicians, as well as the nationally recognized Torrance Memorial Medical Center.

Answers about Enrollment

Experience personalized one-on-one assistance from our local Resource Center team that is dedicated to providing answers to all your questions about Torrance Memorial IPA, its services and how to join. Representatives can walk you through the sign-up process, as well as choosing a primary doctor — or answer any other question about Torrance Memorial IPA enrollment. Get the answers and information you need from the Resource Center by calling 310-257-7239.

Understanding Medicare

Whether you’re new to Medicare or renewing as a Medicare Advantage member, the process can be complicated and confusing. In addition to the Resource Center, Torrance Memorial IPA routinely offers Medicare 101 workshops and seminars that discuss everything you want to know about Medicare, plus things you didn’t even know to ask.

Exploring Member Services

Once you’re a member, you can get expert advice and information from Torrance Memorial IPA’s Member Services team. When you call, you’ll reach a representative who will address your needs, questions or concerns. Whether you have a question about billing, need the address for getting lab work or want to choose a different doctor, Member Services representatives are highly trained to help you. Their personalized attention and support will help you navigate the health system to make it easy to get to the right care quickly. You can access all Member Services have to offer by calling 310-257-7250, press 1 or toll-free at 866-568-4472.

How to Join

Joining Torrance Memorial IPA is easy and can be done in just three simple steps.

1. Select Your Torrance Memorial IPA Doctor

Learn about our primary care doctors by searching online by specialty, ZIP code, or language, or download a print-friendly Torrance Memorial IPA provider directory [PDF].

If you have questions about who would best fit your needs, a representative at the Torrance Memorial IPA Resource Center can talk with you about what’s important to you and then recommend candidates they think you’ll feel comfortable seeing. The Resource Center is available by phone at 310-257-7239 (TTY 711). Remember, each member of your family can have a different primary care physician.

2. Choose Torrance Memorial IPA

After you choose your doctor, select Torrance Memorial IPA as your medical group or physician network. As your medical group, Torrance Memorial IPA provides the medical care covered by your insurance plan. Once you are a member, you’ll have access to our broad network of physicians and health care providers, as well as our hospital and urgent care centers.

3. Select an Insurance Plan

Whether you have an employer, individual or Medicare plan, Torrance Memorial IPA is available through a variety of insurance plans. Review the insurance plans we accept. Consider plan coverage and benefits, and your specific medical needs and those of family members. And of course, make sure you have chosen Torrance Memorial IPA as your medical group.

Need help choosing an insurance plan that meets your specific needs? Call the Torrance Memorial IPA Resource Center at 310-257-7239 (TTY 711) and our team will refer you to a licensed agent who will review your options and help you choose a plan at no cost.

Are you eligible for Medicare?

Enroll in Parts A and B. If not enrolled already, call Social Security or enroll at Call Torrance Memorial IPA Medicare Information Center for help.

800-858-7618 (TTY 711)

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