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The Care Coordination Center Can Help You Recover After Hospitalization or Chronic Illness

Studies have shown that people do not remember all of the instructions given to them during hospital discharge. This can affect your ability to recover fully and lead to further hospitalization.

That’s why the Torrance Memorial Health System created the Care Coordination Center (CCC). The center provides patients going home from the hospital with a 45 to 60 minute visit to go over discharge instructions with a doctor or nurse practitioner.

Tauseef Haider, M.D., a Board Certified Internal Medicine doctor and/or a nurse practitioner, as well as a nutritionist and a pharmacist will see you. The visit includes a detailed review of discharge instructions, pending labs, imaging studies, cultures and pathology reports. The office visit also includes an in-depth review of medications to promote drug safety and compliance.

Together these experts will answer your questions and help coordinate your follow up visits to specialists and physicians. Some patients may also receive a referral for Torrance Home Health Services or Hospice. The CCC team eventually transitions your care back to your primary care physician.

The CCC also offers compassionate palliative care to patients with cancer and other advanced illnesses.

Visits to the center are by referral only. Your hospitalist, primary care physician, oncologist or another specialist can refer you. You can also call the Care Coordination Center with questions at 310-784-8713.