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"THIPA Care Management, you were so helpful"

“THIPA Care Management, you were so helpful!”
- Betty, age 84, THIPA Member

Betty has two daughters to take care of her. They ensure that the 84-year-old is taking her medication to manage her arthritis, high blood pressure and diabetes. When Betty ran out of diabetes testing supplies, one of her daughters called THIPA’s Care Management team.

Care Managers were able to talk to Betty’s primary care physician and coordinate an authorization for new diabetic testing supplies.

“Thank you for your help,” says Betty. “We did not know how to get the supplies and you were very helpful.”

THIPA’s Care Management Department can help you if you’re facing chronic health conditions that make daily life difficult. Whether it’s providing help to make sense out of medications, assisting in the coordination of doctor’s visits, even arranging for transportation or in home help, you don’t have to do it alone.

If you’d like to learn more about THIPA’s Care Management Programs call the Care Management Department at 310- 257-7250 ext. 55343 and speak with a case manager. A brief, confidential pre-screening can be completed to determine if these services would be beneficial to you. There is no obligation to accept.