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Ask The Doctor: How Do YouTake Care of Aging Feet

Dr. Darragh“Seniors need to pay close attention to their feet. Look for any type of wound or drainage on your socks, swelling or pain. This is especially important for diabetic seniors. Even wounds that may seem minor like a blister or a scrape or an insect bite can turn into a serious infection. On a daily basis it’s important to wash your feet and dry them thoroughly, even if you’re not bathing or showering. We also recommend clean socks at all times to reduce foot odor. The biggest problems I see are seniors who are no longer able to trim their toenails. Sometimes people are too arthritic to bend over or they’re suffering loss of sensation and they cut themselves. If you can’t trim your toenails or have calluses or a history of foot wounds, we recommend visiting a podiatrist once every two months for routine foot care. Every six months, change your shoes to ensure they offer enough support. It’s your best defense against arch pain, heel pain and tendonitis. All diabetic seniors should get a foot exam with a podiatrist once a year to rule out problems related to diabetes.”

If you’d like to make an appointment for a foot exam with Dr. Phillip Darragh call 310-793-1158.

No referral is necessary. Dr. Darragh’s office is located at 2850 Artesia Blvd #204 in Redondo Beach.