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Are You Eligible for Extra Medical Benefits as a Medi-Medi?

What is a Medi-Medi?

A “Medi-Medi” is a term that describes someone who qualifies for Medicare who also qualifies for Medi-Cal.

Who is Covered?

Medicare coverage is based on your age or disability, but Medi-Cal coverage is based on your income and asset levels. The Medi-Cal income level depends on your situation, whether you’re married or single, disabled or able-bodied.

What is Covered?

Medi-Cal has three programs that provide additional healthcare coverage for seniors with Medicare. They provide varying levels of coverage for “medically necessary” health care such as physician visits, x-ray and lab tests, hospital and nursing-home care, home health care, certain prescription drugs excluded as a Medicare Part D benefit, medical equipment and devices, ambulance care and hospice care. In each instance your Medicare Advantage plan pays first and Medi-Cal is the second payer.

What to Do

Learn more about eligibility and the three Medi-Cal plans for seniors by logging onto You may also call THIPA Member Services Toll Free 866-568-4472.