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Keep Your Plan or Choose a New One?

As a member of Torrance Hospital IPA, you can choose from among seven Medicare Advantage health plans.

These health plans are offered by private insurance companies that are contracted with the government to deliver your care. Your choice of Medicare Advantage health plans should be based on your individual medical needs and personal preferences.

Here are some important things to compare:

Expenses: How much are your premiums, deductibles or co-pays for doctor visits? What about hospital stays?

Your Treatments: What are your routine medical treatments?

Prescription Drug Costs: Does the health plan cover prescription drugs? What will your prescription drugs cost under the health plan?

Travel Coverage: All Medicare Advantage HMO health plans cover you for emergency treatment out of the area. However, some have dollar limits when traveling out of the USA.

“Maximum Out-of-Pocket” limit: All HMO’s must include a yearly “Maximum Out-of-Pocket” limit or MOOP. This is the maximum amount that you would pay for hospital and medical costs in the calendar year. What is yours?

Watch for Your “Annual Notification of Change”

Any day now your Medicare Advantage health plan will send a big packet of information to your home. Pay close attention to the “Annual Notification of Change” letter that outlines how some of your benefits will have changed from 2014 to 2015. You may find an increase in co-pays for services, including prescription drug costs.