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Meet the Doctor - Bahar Hannah Zadeh, M.D., Primary Care Physician

If you fondly recall how family practices used to treat three or four generations of the same family, then you’ll want to meet THIPA’s Dr. Bahar Hannah Zadeh.

Dr. Zadeh has an old-fashioned family practice on Skypark Drive in Torrance where she treats patients of all ages.

“My passion is really preventive care,” says Dr. Zadeh. “I really value prevention as opposed to waiting for things to go wrong.”

Dr. Zadeh’s number one recommendation to her patients over the age of 65 is exercise.

“Exercise and staying active has been shown to be very beneficial to longevity and good health,” says Dr. Zadeh. “If you’re worried about high blood pressure and cholesterol or diseases such as Alzheimer’s, heart disease and diabetes then staying active physically and mentally is your best medicine.”

Physical activity is important even if you’re already suffering from an age-related illness, says Dr. Zadeh.

“Some people are a lot more limited by their physical ailments. In those cases I usually recommend swimming or walking,” explains Dr. Zadeh. “These are very safe in terms of not putting to much pressure on aging joints but at the same time you get the cardiovascular benefits and benefits of strengthening the bones and improving the mental state.”

Besides exercise, stress reduction is another recommendation Dr. Zadeh makes to her patients.

“Many of my patients are surprised to discover what a difference reducing stress through yoga, Tai Chi or other techniques can make in managing most physical ailments,” says Dr. Zadeh.

Dr. Zadeh also encourages her patients to eat a healthy diet and visit her on a regular basis.

“Seniors, in particular, need to make sure they see their primary care physician regularly,” says Dr. Zadeh. “Bring a bag of your medications to every doctor’s appointment. Most important, don’t assume that your doctor knows everything about your visits to other doctors or healthcare providers. You need to ask questions and stay involved in your healthcare.”

You can reach Dr. Zadeh’s office by calling 310-784-6300.


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