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Medicare 101 Educational Program and 2021 Benefit Highlights

Whether you’re new to Medicare or a renewing member, the program and its terminology can be complicated and confusing. To help make sense of it all, Torrance Memorial IPA offers resources that cover everything you want to know about Medicare, plus things you didn’t even know to ask.

Learn How to Make Medicare Work for You

Attend Torrance Memorial IPA’s free monthly Medicare 101 Educational Program to learn about Medicare and the different types of insurance plans available to you including: HMO & PPO, Supplements (or Medi-gap), and Part D prescription plans.

It’s a comfortable, in-person way to become familiar with Medicare and to find out how to navigate it. Plus, learn how Torrance Memorial IPA members benefit from convenient access to high-quality, personalized care from our nearly 500 primary care and specialist physicians.

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Choose the Best Medicare Insurance Option for 2021!

Due to the current pandemic, in lieu of our Annual MA Benefits Fair and MA Benefits Workshop, we will be presenting a one-time 2021 Medicare Advantage Benefit Highlights Webinar.

April 29th Medicare 101 Webinar (recording)

"At the Medicare 101 lecture, I received clear, concise answers that took away the mystery of Medicare. I understand how Medicare will benefit me now. I'm excited to have more time and more money to enjoy my life!"
– Gayle, current Torrance Memorial IPA member

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Answers to Common Medicare Questions

  • When is the Medicare Annual Election Period?

    Every year, the Medicare annual open enrollment period is from October 15 to December 7. During this time, Medicare beneficiaries are encouraged to review their current health and prescription drug coverage and consider any changes in costs, coverage, and benefits that may take effect next year.
    If you’re satisfied with your current Medicare coverage your plan will automatically renew, so you don’t need to file any new paperwork. But if you want to change your Medicare coverage for next year, December 7 is the deadline for updating your plan.
    What changes can I make during the open enrollment period?
    You can:
    -Change from original or traditional Medicare to a private, managed-care Medicare Advantage plan
    -Change from a Medicare Advantage plan back to traditional Medicare
    -Switch from one Medicare Advantage plan to another
    -Join a stand-alone Medicare prescription plan
    -Switch from one prescription plan to another

  • Should I keep my plan or choose a new one?

    -How much are your premiums, deductibles or co-pays for doctor visits? What about hospital stays?
    -Does your plan cover prescription drugs? What will your prescription drugs cost under the plan?
    -Can you see your current Torrance Memorial Medical Center doctors and specialists, as well as use hospital services under your new plan?
    -What are your routine medical treatments?
    -What is your “maximum out-of-pocket” limit? This is the maximum amount that you would pay for medical costs in the calendar year and it’s required of all HMOs.

  • I don't want to change my plan, what do I need to do?

    If you’re satisfied with the benefits and prescription drug coverage under your existing Medicare Advantage Plan and/or stand-alone Medicare drug plan, then do nothing. Your existing plan will automatically renew in the new year.

  • When does coverage start if  I change health plans?

    If you select a new health plan during Medicare Annual Open Enrollment period, coverage will begin January 1.

  • Will I receive any notices from my health plan?

    Your current Medicare Advantage Plan will send you packet of information. Pay close attention to the “Annual Notification of Change” letter that outlines how some of your benefits will change in the new year. You may find changes in co-pays for some services, including prescription drug costs.

  • What should I do if I want to change plans?

    If you would like to switch your Medicare Advantage Plan, then you’ll need the Torrance Memorial IPA physician code for your existing primary care physician. You can get it by calling Torrance Memorial IPA Member Services at 866-568-4472.
    Once you choose your plan, you can use your Torrance Memorial IPA physician code to sign up by calling the plan at the contact number. When you sign up for a new Medicare Advantage Plan you will be automatically dis-enrolled from your old plan and your new plan will begin on January 1.
    If you choose a new Medicare Advantage Plan, confirm that the medical group listed on your new Medical Insurance ID card is Torrance Memorial IPA (Torrance Memorial IPA). This is the only way you can continue to see your primary care physician and specialists as well as take advantage of all of the valuable programs and services Torrance Memorial IPA offers its senior members.

  • How can I learn about my Medicare options and compare plans?

    -Join Torrance Memorial IPA at an upcoming event
    -Call Torrance Memorial IPA at 310-257-7239 to schedule a free consultation with an independent health insurance agent who specializes in helping seniors select the plan that’s best for them
    -Call 1-800-MEDICARE
    -Visit and use the Plan Finder tool