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About Torrance Memorial IPA

Get to know Torrance Memorial IPA

Torrance Memorial IPA is a multi-specialty physician network that has been serving the South Bay community since 1983. Our members benefit from convenient access to high-quality and personalized care with over 500 primary care and specialty physicians, as well as the nationally recognized Torrance Memorial Medical Center.

Your doctor, Your hospital, Your neighborhood

Torrance Memorial IPA isn’t just a medical group that’s in South Bay; Torrance Memorial IPA is a locally owned and operated non-profit committed to being part of the social fabric of the South Bay community. Our staff lives in South Bay, shares your investment in the neighborhood, and cares about local community issues just like you do. Together, we care for the wellbeing of you and our South Bay community.


Torrance Memorial IPA was founded in 1983 while dramatic changes were happening in California health care. Working with local doctors, George Graham, the president and CEO of Torrance Memorial Hospital at the time, created a way to increase the quality of patient care while reducing its cost. Together, the physicians formed an independent practice association (IPA) that enabled doctors to practice from their own offices, while collectively contracting with health insurance plans. As a result, Torrance Memorial IPA doctors spend more time providing patients with high quality health care.

Over the years, Torrance Memorial IPA has grown to include many of the area’s top primary care physicians and specialists. Nine health major insurance plans now include the Torrance Memorial IPA network of providers in their health benefit programs. In 2012, Torrance Memorial IPA became a division of Torrance Memorial Health System. Today, Torrance Memorial IPA is widely known as the area’s top medical group.